Service Provider FAQ

The Wired Road is building a regional high speed communications network that will help bring jobs and businesses to the Twin Counties area (Carroll and Grayson counties and the City of Galax). Phase One of the project is designed to provide wireless access in all three localities, and some limited fiber services in Galax. Services will be provided by private sector companies, including many if not most of the firms currently offering Internet access in the area. Therefore, we are seeking service providers to offer and to sell a variety of services on the network.
If your firm is interested in offering services on The Wired Road system, please let us know.

Service Offerings

The Wired Road is looking for service providers who are interested in offering some or all of the following services:

  • “Lifeline” Internet access (e.g. 128 kbit service)
  • Residential Internet access packages (e.g. 1 megabit, 5 megabit, 10 megabit)
  • Business/commercial Internet access (e.g. 2 megabit, 5 megabit, 10 megabit, 25 megabit, 50 megabit, 100 megabit, Gigabit)
  • Television programming packages (i.e. equivalent to typical cable and satellite offerings)
  • Computer/data backup services for residential and business customers
  • IP-based security monitoring services
  • Commercial/business
  • Gaming packages (high performance Internet access)
  • Voice over IP telephone services for residential and business customers
  • Telemedicine and telehealth services
  • Other kinds of new and advanced IP-based services

Network Description

The Wired Road is a state of the art Layer 3 IP network with end to end automated service provisioning on fiber connections. Fiber-connected customers will be able to order services using a Web portal to access your service offerings, and in most cases, the service will be available to the customer seconds after the order form is completed. Service providers will bill customers directly, and monthly usage reports on a per customer basis can be provided by The Wired Road if needed.

You may attach to the network by colocating equipment locally in the downtown Galax colocation facility, or you may deliver your services from some remote locations as long as you have a network connection to The Wired Road.

Cost of using the network

The primary method of cost recovery will be revenue sharing, which keeps your start up costs low. The percentage of revenue share is negotiated in advance so you know exactly what your transport costs are prior to offering the service. The exact percentage of revenue share is based on your specifications, according to factors like time of day, QoS required, and bandwidth needs.

Phase One Opportunities

In Phase One, The Wired Road will be able to provide wireless connections in parts of Carroll and Grayson counties and Galax. Some businesses in downtown Galax will be connected with fiber.

Long Term Potential

The long term goal of the project is to take fiber to about 80% of homes and businesses in the region, and to provide widespread wireless access. We estimate that more than 16,000 homes and businesses will eventually have service.

Is the Wired Road going to compete with me?

All voice, video, Internet access, and other services for businesses and residents will be provided by private sector firms. The local governments will NOT be selling any services to businesses and residents.

How do I get connected to the network to offer services?

Your firm will have to have access to a port on the network, and purchase a transport service package, which is based on the amount of bandwidth you think you will need to deliver your service to customers.

Do I have to put equipment in the Galax colo facility?

The Wired Road has a public colo facility in downtown Galax, and we will have a dedicated switch (a Cisco 3750) that will be used to provide ports for service providers. The Wired Road may be able to allow service injection at other 3750 locations on a case by case basis.

Will I connect to the network with a copper (10/100 RJ45 port) connection or a fiber (GigE) connection?

We recommend the copper RJ45 connection, but the network plans to offer fiber GigE ports in the near future.

How much will it cost to use the network?

Fees to use the network will be based on several factors, including bandwidth required to deliver the service, the QoS level requested, and time of day. The fee will be based on a percentage of revenue; for example, if you offer a two megabit package of Internet access for $30/month, and the pre-negotiated revenue share is 25%, you would be billed monthly for $7.50 for each customer using the service. You will be able to negotiate and confirm the revenue share percentage before you advertise and offer your service.

Who can sell services on the network?

Any company that meets minimal technical and financial qualifications may offer and sell services on The Wired Road.

How will customers order services?

The Wired Road will have an easy to use Web-based services portal where potential customers will be presented all of the service offerings. If they click on the icon of a service from your company, they will be directed to a Web form that to collect the information you require. Once the form is completed the information will be sent to your firm.

Who will bill customers?

You will bill your own customers, using your own billing system. You will receive monthly reports from The Wired Road with customer and service information.

How will my customers get connected?

The Wired Road offers both wireless and fiber access, with fiber services available in downtown Galax and soon to be available in Grant, VA. Fiber connections may become available in other areas later in the year. Wireless connections will be available in all three localities as part of a phased build out, with the first access points in Carroll County, and access points in Galax and Grayson soon after.

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